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We focus on people first, our decision to take on projects and future entrepreneurs depends on the person behind the pitch. So hold off on the suits and the good looks, so put on your jeans and come see us. We will ask questions and make sure we are comfortable in working with you THE PERSON before we even ask one question about your idea. We only like to get involved at the very early stages, your idea does not have to have a proof of concept, we will work with you to create one. Your involvement in building the concept and the technology is a must and it has to be on full time bases. Part of our investment is to help you earn your living while your time and effort are put in creating and managing your start-up. We are an extension of your team, we will invest our time, experience and money in helping you achieve your goals and together turn your idea into an investable well evaluated company and aim to next step.


Our technical background and experience in the online space, we screen pre-start-ups looking for those that stand out. We invest in ideas, which we know our team can contribute in its success and be a value to the entrepreneurs. Our contribution comes in the forms of cash and tools. We make sure our candidates go home with a paycheck and their focus is strictly on building their idea. Since it's a pre-seed investment, it is considered to be of high risk, we make sure our team follows and monitors the project plan and report back to management on weekly bases. These are the kind of investments that we look for, as they in turn generate a higher reward. At start-up phase our financial team will start preparing the company for different type of funding.


Do you have an idea and you are looking to start your venture? Are you an investor and you would like to join our team, please contact us and let’s have a chat!

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